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Since 2007 the Law Firm "Moskalenko & Partners" constantly practices in the field of tax law on VAT, income tax, personal income tax and other taxes, including the following legal services for tax disputes: - oral and written consultations of the tax lawyer on practical tax issues for entrepreneurs and accountants; - prevention of negative tax consequences in the implementation of another project, for example, when drafting business contracts or before debt cancellation; - visits of the lawyer to the tax authority for negotiations on tax disputes; - preparation of explanations, denials against acts of tax inspections, answers to requests, etc.; - administrative appeal of tax notice-decisions in pre-judicial tax disputes; - judicial appeal of tax notifications of decisions, acts or omissions of tax authorities in judicial tax disputes; - protection in criminal cases on evasion from payment of taxes and related charges; - other legal assistance in tax disputes.   The team of the Law Firm "Moskalenko & Partners" took active part in finalizing the provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine at the stage of its adoption. Our representatives - lawyers in tax cases - have repeatedly spoken at legal and business events on this subject, which confirms our excellent orientation in this area.   The attorneys of the Law Firm "Moskalenko & Partners" provide legal assistance in defending the interests of witnesses, suspects, accused in criminal cases of tax evasion and related charges at the stage of investigation and in the court.   What are the advantages of working with us? • We are professional intermediaries in the resolution of tax disputes and are able to look at the situation in a constructive and unprejudiced manner. • We have deep special legal knowledge and will be able to talk with the tax inspector "in his language". • We will warn you against ill-considered and unlawful actions that may aggravate your situation in the future. • We use techniques and methods of protection, that are developed by many years of practice. • We provide guarantees provided by the Law of Ukraine "On Advocacy and Advocacy Practice": the right to collect information and documents by attorney's requests, attorney's secrecy and protection of confidential information. • We assess the prospects of a tax dispute in court in advance and offer the best solutions in difficult situations. • We focus on long-term cooperation and are interested in the welfare of the client.   Consideration of tax disputes is particularly biased, but in approximately 50% of cases, clients who availed themselves of our help before drawing up an act of tax audit (visit of the lawyer, clarification or response to a tax inspection request) can convince the tax authorities in the absence of violations. And completely solve the tax problem at this stage. In other cases, we recommend objecting to the tax audit report and, in the case of a tax notice-decision, to appeal it in administrative and / or judicial order, depending on the circumstances of the case. Appeal of tax notices-decisions within 10 days means their inconsistency, which means that they do not accrue a penalty and do not take a tax claim, there is no inventory and seizure of the property of the taxpayer. Therefore, you need to act quickly!   The Payment for our legal services under the pre-tax counseling is much cheaper than paying fines for tax offenses. Preventing the imposition of sanctions is easier than appealing them in court in disputes with the tax authorities. And if they are already rendered it is better to postpone their execution or completely abolish them than pay a fine and get a decision on the inventory and seizure of your assets for enforcement. At the stage when the property is arrested it's too late to act!   Our publications on tax law you can find here: http://www.moskalenkolawyers.com.ua/uk/Publications.html.   Our videos consultations you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCohmmvo_yhzUcTWcesxDnQQ?view_as=public   The won court decisions in tax disputes you can find here: http://www.moskalenkolawyers.com.ua/uk/judicial-decisions.html.   Therefore if you have any doubts about the correctness of compliance with tax laws, or your accountant is summoned to the tax authority, or an act of tax violation was drawn up, or other disputes arose with the tax authorities, do not wait until they turn into an unsolvable problem! Contact us today by phone: +38 067 305 55 60, +38 050 06 07 800!