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Video blog by the Attorney Anastasiya Moskalenko

Dear guests! We invite you to receive free and useful video-advices of the attorney Anastasiya Moskalenko in her professional video blog on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCohmmvo_yhzUcTWcesxDnQQ?view_as=public
Here you can see videos about the legal aspects of using  non-customs-cleared cars and the liability for that, protection from banks and collectors, restructuring debts in foreign currency, nuances of buying real estate in Ukraine, tax consequences of debt cancellation, the pros and cons of claiming tax notices, differences between the lawyer and the attorney and many others. Watch the videos you are interested in, subscribe to the channel and get new video advices for free!
With questions and suggestions, please e-mail: anastasiya.moskalenko@moskalenkolawyers.com.ua