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Cooperation with Spain and Latin American countries

Since 2007 the Law Firm "Moskalenko & Partners" has successfully developed cooperation with the Spanish-speaking world. Partners of the firm, attorneys-at-law Igor Berdan and Anastasiia Moskalenko are good Spanish speakers and have experience of permanent residence in Spain, frequently have business trips there, giving us a deep integration, practical knowledge of the characteristics of Spanish life and the ability to work directly with the Spanish side well understanding each - other. We are also happy to work with clients in Ukraine from all Spanish-speaking countries such as the United States, Cuba, Brazil, Peru and others.

We are able to represent Ukrainian clients’ interests in Spain on the basic issues of immigration, real estate, banking, labor and tax laws. For more complex issues we have established regular contact with the Spanish attorneys, realtors and bank employees. In Ukraine, we are working with a translator – native Spanish speaker accredited by the Embassy of Spain in Ukraine, which is capable to provide high-quality translation of legal and business texts of any complexity, as well as, if necessary, simultaneous interpretation into Spanish / Russian / Ukrainian language.

In particular, our legal services with respect to Spain include:

- Support for real estate transactions, taking into account banking, customs, tax laws of Spain / Ukraine, including assistance in obtaining mortgage loans for a few per cent per annum;

- Assistance in opening and maintaining business in Spain;

- Support for international trade transactions;

- Assistance in obtaining visas and residence permits in Spain, exchange of driving licenses;

 - Any advice on Spanish law.

In Ukraine to the Spanish-speaking clients we are ready to provide all kinds of legal services, including such services necessary for foreigners:

- Registration of temporary or permanent residence permits in Ukraine;

- Customs help of import of foreign cars for use in Ukraine;

- Full support of real estate transactions in Ukraine;

- Full support of registration, operation or liquidation of enterprises and entrepreneurs;

- Consultation on any matters of family, tax, customs and economic legislation;

- Legal support of investment, debt collection, the acquisition and alienation of property or property rights;

- Effective defense in the courts of all instances of Ukraine and the European Court of Human Rights in civil, family, tax, customs, criminal and other cases.

The team of Law Firm “Moskalenko & Partners” has a practical experience and comprehensive understanding of the specifics of commercial and social activities in Ukraine, demands and wishes of the Ukrainian and foreign clients; constantly takes care of the legal security and stable development of its clients, providing them with practical solutions and confidence in future. We work on the basis of the highest ethical and professional standards and our every employee makes every effort for the client’s success. We help clients solve problems and feel comfortable. We build strong relationships with customers, and they recommend us to friends.

Our advantages are individual approach, professionalism, confidentiality, efficiency, credibility, exclusive analytical skills and deep knowledge of Ukrainian and international legislation as well as specifics of the law enforcement in Spain and Ukraine.

In 2014 according to results of the All-Ukrainian Raiting the Law Firm "Moskalenko & Partners" gained the 37th place in the National Business Raiting of Ukraine for the total of official marks of small businesses which general activity is provision of legal services.

Managing partner of the firm, attorney-at-law Igor Berdan has practice law since 1999 and the legal experience of more than 20 years. The second partner, attorney-at-law Anastasiia Moskalenko in 2010 was noted as one of the best lawyers of Ukraine in the annual profile study "Best Lawyers in the eyes of colleagues of the legal business." In 2013 she entered the short-list of 300 lawyers who are most often called by clients and colleagues in a study "Client's Choice 2012-2013".

The cost of our services is modest and is determined depending on the complexity, scope and duration of the work. We offer discounts for regular clients.

For the clients located in other cities or countries we provide legal services remotely via Skype (minvody7, anmoska), E-mail (berdan@moskalenkolawyers.com.ua, anastasiya.moskalenko@moskalenkolawyers.com.ua).
Modern communication technologies make distance imperceptible, and to work with us is equally comfortable from another street or continent.

If you need legal advice on the legislation of Spain or Ukraine, contact us today!