Welcome to the website of the Law Firm "Moskalenko & Partners"!

Since 2007 the Law Firm «Moskalenko & Partners» offers a broad range of high-quality legal services to Ukrainian and foreign clients, permanently acknowledging its excellent reputation and professional recognition.

Clients who turned to the LF “Moskalenko & Partners” from the times of firm’s foundation continue permanent partnership with us up to now.

What is the secret of our success?

1. We work on the basis of the highest ethical and professional standards.
2. Our every employee makes every effort for the client’s success.
3. We know the specifics of Ukrainian law enforcement and business.
4. We help clients to solve problems and feel comfortable.
5. We are building strong relationships with clients, and they recommend us to friends.

The team of Law Firm “Moskalenko & Partners” has a practical experience and comprehensive understanding of the specifics of commercial and social activities in Ukraine, demands and wishes of the Ukrainian and foreign clients; constantly takes care of the legal security and stable development of its clients, providing them with practical solutions and confidence in future.
Our advantages are individual approach, professionalism, confidentiality, efficiency, credibility, exclusive analytical skills and deep knowledge of Ukrainian and international legislation as well as specifics of the law enforcement in Ukraine.

In 2014 according to results of the All-Ukrainian Raiting the Law Firm "Moskalenko & Partners" gained the 37th place in the National Business Raiting of Ukraine for the total of official marks of small businesses which general activity is provision of legal services. 

Managing partner, attorney-at-law Igor Berdan has had the legal practice since 1996 and the 20-year legal experience. The second partner, attorney-at-law Anastasiia Moskalenko was recognized in 2010 as one of the best Ukrainian lawyers in the annual core research "The Best Lawyers in the Colleagues’ Eyes in Legal Business". In 2013 she was included on the short-list 300 of lawyers most frequently named by clients and colleagues in a study "Client Choice 2012-2013."

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Igor Berdan and Anastasiya Moskalenko,
Partners of Law Firm "Moskalenko & Partners"