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Criminal Law & Administrative Offences

Attorneys in criminal cases of the Law Firm "Moskalenko & Partners" have many years of experience and protect the interests of clients: witnesses, victims, suspects, defendants and convicts in criminal cases - on all matters of criminal law, and effectively represent the interests of persons who are prosecuted for administrative offenses.
The Managing partner of the Law Firm "Moskalenko & Partners" attorney at law Igor Berdan specializes in criminal cases for more than 20 years.   At the initial stage we help clients: • correctly assess their actions and avoid violations of the law, • give the right qualification to a possible or completed offense, • analyze the existing composition of an administrative offense or a crime committed by another person; • determine the posibility of the initiation and development of a criminal case or case of an administrative offense.
If the criminal case has been initiated against you, you definitely need help of the attorney in criminal cases, or at least a consultation for an early determination of your legal situation and prospects for its development.   In case of initiation of a criminal case, we: - analyze its circumstances, collect evidence and additional information, analyze the risks to the client; - prepare motions and other procedural documents in the interests of the client; - develop tactics of protection at all stages of consideration of the case; - protect the client during interrogations and other procedural actions; - protect the client in court sessions; - carry out other necessary actions for the maximum protection of the client's interests.   We carry out preparation of attorney’s inquiries, collecting evidence, interviewing persons involved in the commission of an offense and not permitting arbitrariness of law enforcement bodies. We also prepare procedural documents, provide other legal assistance, attorney's participation in a criminal case at any stage and protect the rights and interests of clients in law enforcement, the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine and courts.   In our professional activities, we strictly adhere to the laws of Ukraine, international acts on human rights and freedoms, the Rules of Advocacy Ethics.   The client who applies for legal assistance in the criminal case or an administrative offense case to the LF ”Moskalenko & Partners”  can be sure that he will receive such help, carried out in good faith, with high responsibility, honestly, carefully and confidentially.   The early application for legal help in a criminal case gives the higher the probability of stopping the criminal prosecution and full exemption from liability, or vice versa : maximum compensation for the damage to the victim.   If you are involved in any status (witness, suspect, victim, etc.) and you need the help of the attorney  in criminal cases in Kiev or in Ukraine, call us on tel. + 38 067 305 55 60, +38 050 06 07 800.