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Legal Due Diligence and Examination of Counterparties

The order of these services allows you to verify the reliability of protecting your interests in business transactions, to make sure that you start working with a reliable and solvent counterparty, to make sure of the legal "cleanliness" of the firm you are going to buy, to make sure of the expediency of such an agreement and the fairness of the payment amount for the acquired company, to critically evaluate the work of your corporate or external lawyers involved.   The main directions of our services in this practice are the following: legal examination of contracts and other documents for their compliance with Ukrainian and international legislation, analysis of the prospects of the transaction in terms of tax and judicial practice, making suggestions on making changes in the interests of our clients;  Checking the reliability of the counterparty, Ukraine: collecting legally relevant information about potential or actual counterparties or competitors (may include determining the legal and actual location, information on the founders, the size of the statutory fund, contacts, information on litigation disputes involving the enterprise, bankruptcy information, availability Tax debt, valuable property); legal audit of small or medium-sized companies in mergers and acquisitions (the information specified in the previous paragraph, as well as an analysis of all existing and completed contracts for the existence of legal and tax risks, the identification of encumbrances and restrictions on the company's property, etc.) ;  legal assessment of the prospects for considering a case that is under the jurisdiction of another legal company or corporate lawyers, that are considered by a court or an arbitration court, and the development of our proposals and recommendations.   Cases when legal expertise and verification of the good faith of the counterparty will be useful even for a small company: for working out qualitative templates of standard contracts with clients and counterparts; to verify the reliability of suppliers in which you doubt; to identify and eliminate risks in the activities of your company; for highly qualified assistance to your corporate lawyers in the conduct of court cases and an impartial assessment of the prospects for their consideration.
Ordering legal expertise allows you to in time identify and eliminate risks and save significant funds for future expenses.