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New Victories 2019

30.07.2019 On July 26, 2019 we closed the loan of our last mortgage currency borrower of PJSC “Alfa-Bank”. Bank, after three lost courts (we canceled decision and "closed" the court on debt collection; canceled the re-registration of title to the subject of mortgage by the bank; got refusals to evict) agreed on all conditions of the borrower and closed the loan for 20% of total debt. Since the end of 2018 with approximately same conditions we helped to negotiate others our clients - Alfa Bank's borrowers, each of them can now be sure in legal security and live calmly! And it costs more than any legal services.
Also on July 17, 1919, the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal in case №826/14880/16 canceled the unsatisfactory decision of the court of first instance and canceled the tax accrued to our client from the amount of canceled credit debt, taking into account violations of the procedure of tax audit and total overpayment on the loan more than on 101 thousand dollars. It is completely real to cancel income tax to "extra benefit" from a written off loan!