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Tarjetas VIP

COMMERCIAL OFFER  to purchase VIP-Card of the LF "Moskalenko and Partners" for  one calendar year
The Law Firm "Moskalenko & Partners" offers our clients and their friends to become the members of a loyalty program  and purshase   the VIP-Card of the  regular customer of the  LF “Moskalenko and Partners”  which includes the provision of the following package of services during a calendar year since the moment of paymant
1. Unlimited number of legal consultations over the telephone on any topic. 2. Single emergency visit of our lawyer any time to any place indicated by the customer (in Kyiv). 3. One-time 10% discount on all the services provided by our company. 
By purchasing this card, you: - receive a high-quality, timely and effective legal advice on anyone, even a "minor" issue; - lose restraint to disturb your lawyer on any occasion; - save time, so you will have no longer need to go for each consultation to our office and pay for all the consultations separately; - save money because the card’s price is equal to the cost of single lawyer’s visit, i.e. all the advice you get for free + a large discount on other services! And for provision of telephone consultations we call back to the client (in Ukraine)!
 Card price: 100 EURO  in equivalent of to the national currency. Valid till:  one cflendar year since the moment of paymant.
 Also, using this card, you can make an original and useful gift to your friend for some holiday and make sure you own business! 
 To buy a card, get answers to additional questions, learn details for payment of the cost to get the card by mail, call the phone numbers: +38 (067) 30 555 60, +38 (050) 06 07 800 or contact the e-mail: anastasiya.moskalenko@moskalenkolawyers.com.ua


What is the secret of our success?
1. We work  on the basis of the highest ethical and professional standards. 2. Our every employee makes every effort for the client’s success. 3. We know the specifics of Ukrainian law enforcement and business. 4. We help clients to solve problems and feel comfortable. 5. We are building strong relationships with clients, and they recommend us to friends. 
We are always glad to help you and your family!