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Costo de los servicios

The LF "Moskalenko & Partners" provides individual approach for definition of services prices, depending on the complexity, duration and other features of the project.   Types of the fees and payment procedure for the legal services: 1. Hourly rates (for example, negotiation, spoken consultations, participation in meetings etc.) - from 500 UAH per hour. 2. Payment for the work (such as litigation support, legal advice, preparation of legal conclusion, working-out of business schemes, contract preparation, etc.) - from 2000 UAH for the project of contract, from 10 000 UAH for litigation support. 3. Payment for the work + honorarium (such as litigation support, legal assistance in the execution of decisions, implementation of business schemes, etc.) - fee for the project + honorarium 3 - 10% of the amount in dispute. 4. Subscription fee (full legal support for entrepreneurs, enterprises, institutions, organizations) - is determined individually.   Please note that the LF "Moskalenko & Partners" always makes advances for the clients and offers: 1. Discounts for regular clients. 2. Payment in installments for clients with financial difficulties. 3. Bonus and discount offers. 4. Profitable cooperation.   In order to clarify fees and fee payment schedule for legal service, please call: +38 067 30 555 60, +38 050 06 07 800 or contact via e-mail: anastasiya.moskalenko@moskalenkolawyers.com.ua.